Alex Oviawe – Founder and CEO, Precision Sports Technologies

“When it comes to product development, there are things you know that you don’t know, and things you don’t even know that you don’t know. This could be the true requirements to manufacture plastics, the true costs, the true needs of mouldings, sourcing and tooling and how all that fits realistically with your designed product.

With Dezign Ideaz, they make sure they know all the “unknown unknowns” for you. With their many years of experience, they managed to guide the product development, design and manufacturing to where it needed to be. But even beyond their vast expertise and experience, what they provide the most is a level of personal connection and humanity to your project. Sometimes it’s easy to forget humanity in business, but Dezign Ideaz definitely do not. Their passion for your project equally matches yours, and they will go beyond what you would expect normal contractors to when involved in such a project.

Quite simply, we wish we met them from the start.”